Interactive Reviews

Easily read and reply to customer reviews about your business


Custom Weedzly Profile

Take control of your profile and grow your engagement


Manage Product Catalog

Update your catalog and let customers know about new product arrivals

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Interact With Customers

Engage with customers as they leave reviews and establish credibility with your potential customers. It’s said that 78% of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member.


Targeted Customer Advertising

When shoppers are browsing Weedzly, your brand will appear as featured, establishing credibility and planting a thought in your future customers mind. Select certain cities to appear as featured, you can target potential cities where you know you need to increase awareness or select cities where you already are established to maintain and enforce your brand awareness.


Control your Profile & Products

You're in full control of your brand - Keep your community involved by updating your product catalog with new arrivals. Verify products so that shoppers could be assured that they're buying legitimate products made by your brand. Simply add new products with one simple click from our dashboard. With Weedzly, more shoppers can discover your products, and in turn increase your revenue.


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